Friday, March 27, 2009

Finally some snow!

Our mountains are now filled with snow, even though the streets look clear. Photo above is taken from our house looking east. Most of the state just got pounded with snow over the last 36 hours, especially in the Denver area where blizzard conditions produced up to 20 inches in some communities. Highways were closed, and the weather crawl on tv actually said: "Accident Alert: almost everywhere." We had quite a few accidents in our area as well, including an elderly couple who's car spun out on the slick roads and came to a halt partially dangling over a 50 foot drop-off. Too scared to get out even with the help of the rescue team, the car was successfully chained and pulled to safety, passengers still inside. Though we are used to snow and at times heavy snow, a severe storm can still wreak havoc.

We got to walk in our snow storm yesterday morning with the dogs. I should have taken pictures because they looked so funny with snow flakes sticking to them. At first Jim was calling them powdered sugar donuts, but by the end of the walk he said they looked more like snow-cones. They got quite a few looks, smiles and comments.

We will likely ski some this weekend and record the basketball games to watch later. Now that Duke is out, it's not so intense!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Telluride Community Television

That's right, "The Rest of the World Does Not Get Us." We're the country's smallest television station, non-profit, community driven, educational television at its finest! I am TCTV's newest Board member and already up and running at the Telluride Middle and High School teaching television news gathering and production. Our small staff has been cut from full to part-time because of the economy, but you can help. With just a $50 tax deductible donation, you can have one of these cool and comfy long sleeved t-shirts for FREE!
Mail your check payable to TCTV 12 to Susan Lilly PO BOX 1946, Telluride, CO 81435 or email me with any questions.
And don't hate me cuz I'm doin the fundraising thing. I bought the Girl Scout cookies, Boy Scout Popcorn, MS bike sponsor, and on and on. Times are tough. I am an expert at donating my time in lieu of $$$$$$, but if you can do anything, it'd be appreciated.

Thanks from our 2 1/2 person, many volunteer staff at TCTV 12!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

VIP Guest

We have a very special guest coming today, our youngest is visiting with her boyfriend through the weekend. Kaitlin definitely qualifies for VIP status! And boyfriend Jamie is pretty cool himself. He'll go boarding with Jim (skiing), and Kaitlin and I will take some walks with the dogs, hang out and meet them for lunch. We are looking forward to spending quality time with them.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another great weekend!

We had a wonderful meal at Siam's Telluride before we saw Revolutionary Road at the Nugget Theater for Date Night Friday. It was fun to snuggle with Jim during the (bleak, but excellent) movie. We have recliners up in the den that don't allow for any snuggling. Just me and Riley in one recliner and Jim in the other.

Walked 6 miles in alternating snow pellets, sunshine and just strange weather on Saturday morning. Then I somehow filled my day with lots of household chores, cooking and a little Facebook here and there. Don't get me started. I keep finding long ago friends and colleagues (or they find me). Just last night as I was cooking salmon on the indoor grill, stinking up the house I might add, my intern supervisor from WNEV-TV Boston from 1986 found me. Takes time to catch up 23 years.

But I digress. Anyway, we enjoyed a quiet night at home last night, basketball, stinky salmon. Well Jim had a hamburger. He's more of a meat guy. This morning we did the same 6 mile walk in more classic Telluride sunshine. Both times the dogs somehow kicked up mud pellets to their underbellies and needed hosing off. Don't worry, we didn't blast them with our cold water. We took them to our friend's house who has a warm water bath set up just for doggies. Nice.

It's all nice.

We are now looking forward to our visit from our daughter Kaitlin and her boyfriend Jamie from Atlanta. We love company, especially our sweet family.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Date Night!

I am so excited! Tonight we are doing dinner and a movie, all Jim's idea. This is because it's March Madness, and he is watching a ton of college basketball these days, just about every night. And it's going to be this way for the next several weeks. Tonight, he advised would be a good opportunity (no basketball to watch), if I was interested, to go out. So dinner and a movie it is.

The neat thing is that Jim has never been to the Nugget theater, our one little movie theater on Main Street (established 1934). I've only seen one movie there, and it's really cool, retro, old-fashioned. Nothing like the metro-plex type experience we're all used to.

The other thing that makes this special is that we just don't go out to eat much. We go to friends' houses a lot for dinner parties, but we don't go to restaurants much at all. When we do it really stands out and is a lot of fun. We also hardly ever see movies in theaters, so that too seems like a special treat.

Back when we were dating 10-12 years ago, the kids were living with Jim, and we did many of our activities and outings with them. The 4 days a month with no kids, even after we got married, were catch up days for household chores, sleep, and dates!

Date night conjures up wonderful memories for me, and I think always will.